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Islam Expansion Essay, Research Paper

The Islamic civilization spread to such an extensive empire through many techniques. They conquered neighboring areas rapidly. They spread Islam onto the people in three ways. One practice that caused them to spread was their expertise on war. Another would be the forced conversion of Islam to the people. The last method is the teaching of equality and peace that slowly became accepted.

Islam fought hard in battle. Their war tactics were the best in the World. The Muslims were harsh and cruel in battle, destroying cities and enemies. According to document 4, the Muslims were compared to raging tigers. The army of Islam wouldn t be successful without motivation. Mohammad motivated them, as states in document 2. Whoever obeyed him, he will bring back to the Garden of Paradise. Since they had a reason to fight, they became powerful, conquering many lands including North Africa, Spain, and Persia, as shown in document 8. The strength of Islam was at their peek. Their soldiers were fierce, fast, and hard aggressors against their opponent.

When Islam took over an area, the people would came with it. Mohammad had to force conversion of the people to Islam. The Muslims must have converted the people because if they did not agree on a religion, they would not agree on many other things. He made it simple and said, in document 1, either convert, pay money to Islam and they would leave your people alone, or not pay and fight against him. Mohammad, though, respected the People of the Book stated in document 5. He allowed them to retain their faith, but with a payment of tribute.

Even though Mohammad forced people to convert, many conquered people took Islam for their religion on their own. They did this for numerous reasons. One of them was how Islam taught equality on all men, whether the person be a king or a slave. This was stated in document 3. It was the first major religion without a social class. Islam attracted various people, most of them being poor. The inferior people would be on the same level as the king, especially in the eyes of God (Allah).

The Islamic culture spread to an extensive empire. The methods they used were successful in the expanding of the civilization. People slowly accepted the beliefs of Islam. Even today, there is a growing population of Muslims. Through war, religion, and equality, Islam was able to grow in great numbers.